Rates of decay and of deterioration in foodstuffs depend on temperature. At suitable low temperatures, changes in the food can be reduced to economically acceptable levels. Food processing industry requires reliable, precise and efficient refrigeration for the carefully controlled, low-temperature ranges — for both processing and post-processing environments. Refrigeration compressors are used to create and control the right temperature in food production environments, ideal product storage and distribution areas, minimization of perishables and extended product shelf life.

Meat Processing & Fisheries

* Cold Rooms
* Plate Freezer
* Blast Freezer
* Immersion Freezer
* Individual Quick Freezing (IQF)

Dairy Plant

* Well water pre-coolers at dairy farms
* Milk Chilling Centres
* Bulk Milk cooling
* Ice accumulator
* Cooling for preservation & storage
* Heat Recovery

Cold Chain

* Raw Fruits & Vegetable
* Food Grains


* Bulk Chilling
* Preservation & Storage

Ice Plants

* Block Ice
* Tube Ice
* Flake Ice