We Are The Leaders In This Industry ...

Just over an year ago sparked by a conversation between two friends, 3T has since grown into one of the leading industrial distributors with core capabilities in the space of Compressed Air, Industrial Refrigeration Compressors and Packages, Process Gas Compressors, Process Chilled Water and HVAC Chiller Solutions.

We serve the Oil Refineries, Petrochemical, Steel, Power, Mining, Construction, Cement, Chemical, Food Processing, Dairy, Beverage Bottling, Cold Rooms, Hospitals & Hotels and other Industrial markets.

We at 3T believe in delivering world class engineering solutions and outstanding support services to our customer that are reliable, sustainable, cost effective and enable our customers to be successful. With determined spirit we have embraced diversity and inclusion and that’s created opportunities for us to deliver competitive advantage to our customers.

We are pinned to two core principles, “operational excellence and maintain transparency” that’s consistent with global business standards. We apply these values to all the processes we do in our business, from our first contact with the customer to generate an enquiry through to the delivery and collection of payment from the customer.


Our corporate identity is expressed through our logo. The name itself Top Tag Trading – is an expression of our purpose as mentioned in our Mission statement, “create value and make a difference” to our customers and be recognized for doing so. A happy customer is also a loyal customer.Bearing this in mind, our logo incorporates two important elements and green color: boomerang and growth arrow. The boomerang represents our expectations and desire for our customers to return back to us and the upward arrow suggests our desire to scale new heights. The green color represents freshness and continuous renewal of our association with all stakeholders – our customers, our principal and our associates. When one reads the vision statement of 3T in conjunction with the logo, it clearly elucidates the interplay of the corporate identity expressed both in words and visual design.


“Expertise and serving with Passion”

At 3T we pursue our business objective with integrity and commitment of the highest order and we trust our success on our people. As a fast-growing company, our endeavour is to remain market oriented & to pursue max satisfaction of our customers. Our inclusive work culture is the most important driving force, fostering “expertise and serving with passion” both of which delivers competitive advantage to our customers. Having assembled the best of team from across the world, our multi-national, multi-lingual & multi-cultural team has pitched us to remain great potential for further growth at current development pace.


We want you to take initiatives, we believe you can make a real difference – we trust your integrity and ability and we will support your efforts to deliver distinctive services.
We believe “safe is a way of living” At 3T we believe in the wellbeing and safety of our colleagues and those we serve.
We believe we are strong together. The 3T way is to engage as a team – in working through challenges and projects. We work together as a company to identify the best solution “collective genius”, get them implemented and keep each other accountable for this.
We believe in operational excellence. We will work closely with our principal partners to enhance our capabilities to provide world class products. At 3T we recognize, encourage and celebrate each other’s small daily wins – We achieve more by inspiring each other to become the best that we can be.
We care about our customers and principal partners and we demonstrate this in our day-to-day contacts.
Every employee has a professional stake in the success of our company. We provide accurate information and deliver what we say.