Vapour Absorption Chillers


KPCL is a leading name in Industrial Refrigeration, Process Refrigeration and Preservation. They provide turnkey products and solutions with designing, manufacturing, packaging, installation, commissioning, after sales and training. KPCL provides refrigeration and gas compression systems used in conjunction with hydrocarbon which is a highly specialized market segment in the field of industrial refrigeration. Their philosophy of “Concept to Commissioning” has given them an edge and thus they continue to stay ahead of the increasingly stringent environmental, quality and safety standards that regulate the industry.

With our wide experience of servicing clients in Saudi Arabia with screw compressor packages and reciprocating compressors for applications in ice plants, cold rooms, food processing, milk chilling, water chilling, breweries, bottling etc., we can handle refrigeration package jobs in a range of offerings from bare compressors, package to complete solutions for following applications: Refineries, Food processing, Petrochemicals, Beverages/Breweries, Oil and gas, Dairy/Ice Cream, Cold storage, Chemicals and fertilizers, Food preservation, Pharmaceuticals, Modular concrete cooling and Marine HVAC & R.

We have supplied over: 28000 Compressors across 40 countries & 1700 Refrigeration Systems packages all over India and abroad


Kirloskar Vapour Absorption Chillers (VAC) is the state of art, highly efficient machine. KPCL has established manufacturing facility at our existing Saswad factory, near Pune. The manufacturing facilities include Fabrication, Assembly and Performance Testing at full load, etc.

Our product range includes Steam driven Vapour Absorption Chillers and Direct Fired Vapour Absorption Chillers (VAC). Kirloskar VAC’s are of the latest design and are corrosion free and crystallisation free, thus providing promised performance consistently and providing long and trouble-free life. You will observe that Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of Kirloskar VAC would be minimal due to these features. Our VAC shall provide chilled water, which can be used for air conditioning and process cooling applications.

Indigenous Kirloskar Vapour Absorption Chillers are supplied in fully assembled condition duly tested in the factory. Thus, these can be commissioned in a very short time.

Our products have built-in safety measures and are highly adaptable to varying operating conditions. The suction gas strainer can be easily cleaned and the inside gauze strainer can be easily removed. Highly effective oil purification by two filters ensures a trouble-free long running life. There is also an additional safety measure – built-in sight glass that makes the return flow of oil easily visible. Large service doors enable the quick maintenance of parts that succumb to wear and tear and minimum oil consumption is ensured by providing three compression rings and two oil scraper rings per piston – this in turn helps in minimising the discharge of oil through the gas line.