The role of air compressors in the food and beverage industry

In our previous blog, we took you through the vital role air compressors have come to play over the past two years, after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. In this blog, we’re going to be talking about its applications in the food and beverage industry.

Air compressors are usually used in food mixing, packaging, pumping fluids, air filtration, label printing, leakage tests, cannery, unloading of grains, automatic bottle filling machines etc.

Like how we already spoke about purification of air in various scenarios during the pandemic, maintaining a sterile environment for food is also one of the most important applications of air compressors, ensuring that sanitary food products go out into the market with a responsibility towards customer’s health and wellness.

Using the right air compressors that are at their optimum efficiency is extremely important. Just imagine if contaminated air or microorganisms enter millions of packaged products that are being carried out a factory. The loss to the business, its reputation as well as thousands of customers’ health is a huge risk to both parties.

Now, let’s give you an interesting example of how compressed air is used in the food & beverage industry. Let’s talk about flavored yogurt. One part of the factory has compressed air pushing out flavored powders through large tubes into tubs of yogurt. When the yogurt finishes culturing, it is placed into vats or tubs that are cleaned and sanitised using – you guessed it, compressed air! The very same compressed air can also open valves for opening, filling yogurt into cans and bottling or sealing the packages.

Since the pressure of compressed air can be regulated, varying degrees of pressure are used in a variety of applications. For instance, very low pressure air is used to blow off crumbs from baked goodies. Cold compressed air is used to freeze products like cold cuts and meats for shipping. High-pressure air is used to peel and slice fruits like onions, apples and carrots. It’s also used to seal products in packaging and of course, sterilize the factory and keep the conditions sanitary.

In fact, compressed air is so important in the food and beverage industry that its place in the hierarchy of importance comes right after water, heat and electricity!

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