The role of air compressors during a pandemic

It’s obvious now more than ever just how big a role sanitation plays in our daily lives. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed us to the harsh realities of just how rapidly infections can spread in unsterile environments. In this age of the new normal, sanitation, whether it’s for surfaces or the air, has played a vital role in ensuring the cleanliness of our surroundings as we in Saudi Arabia slowly set out to coexist with the pandemic.

In hospitals especially, right from the surfaces to floors, tables and more intricate scenarios like ventilators and equipment have to be absolutely clean and completely free from dust and of course, pathogens. Compressed air is designed to purify air in all types of situations and environments. They’ve always been a huge part of daily life across businesses and industries, but more so now during the pandemic.

Air compressors act like virus-fighting machines that can obliterate microorganisms. Do you know how air compressors work?

First, the air passes through panel filters and intake filters as soon as it enters the compressor. When there are microorganisms present in the air that passes through the filter, the air compressor’s filters help remove a large percentage of these microorganisms. During compression, the air gets heated up very quickly. Different types of compressors heat the air to different temperatures but usually, air gets heated up to and even more than 300 degree Fahrenheit. Even the compressors that are relatively lower in temperature still get very hot and can heat air up to 180 degree Fahrenheit. Science has proven that coronaviruses die before the temperature goes up to 150 degree Fahrenheit, and it gets completely inactive at 200 degree Fahrenheit. In this way, air compressors are able to completely destroy the virus, before spewing out purified air that is free of pathogens and safe for people to inhale.

As with any equipment, air compressors have to be maintained and serviced well to ensure that they are at maximum efficiency. In this case especially, a less-than-optimum air compressor could prove to be dangerous and put people’s lives at risk. We at 3t Saudi advocate the use of only proprietary spare parts for the upkeep of our machinery.

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