Vogelsang Pumps provide Reliable & Economical Sludge Pumping

Texas A&M WWTP was unhappy with the progressive cavity pumps used to transport sludge. These pumps required a great deal of space, and maintenance and service was difficult. This meant the entire pump needed removal when performing major repairs. In addition to leaks of gland seals, there was also frequent dry running problems, which required time consuming and expensive repairs to the stator and rotor.

Texas A&M tested Vogelsang VX136-70Q rotary lobe pump rated at 120 GPM and were impressed by the results.

Pump Configuration – Key Design Specifications & Advantages
Three primary pumps transfer sludge to thickeners.
Two thickener pumps transfer sludge to anaerobic digesters.

In the belt driven pump version, it requires extremely little floor space. In contrast with progressive cavity pumps, the QuickService design allows maintenance and service work to be performed on-site without dismantling the surrounding pipes or even the entire pump. The mechanical face seal is also significantly more reliable than the old gland seal and can be easily tested using quench fluid in the buffer chamber.

They were how ever most impressed by the great resistance to dry running, which allows for air to be evacuated from pipes that have run empty. Expensive repairs to rotors or stators are now a thing of the past.

About Vogelsang Pumps

Vogelsang is a premier brand in pumping and solids handling technology. They have been leaders in major innovations in the space of pumping, grinding, feeding and slurry spreading. Vogelsang high-performance pumps and grinders are specifically engineered for tough applications in wastewater, biogas, railway, mining, food processing, industrial and agricultural markets.

Vogelsang Pumps are exceptionally easy to maintain, come in various range of sizes and design, have numerous equipment options and material variants, and various drive possibilities and installation options. All the models have two things in common: a compact design and easy maintenance. With four pump series and various models, with up to eight sizes per model, Vogelsang pump technology can be adopted to almost any application, delivery rate and pressure range. It will economically pump anything that flows.

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The Texas A&M WWTP is a conventional activated sludge treatment facility designed to provide a cleaner environment through water and Bio-solids recycling.

Designed to treat 11,700lb. BOD/day on a maximum monthly average basis.

This is equivalent to a population of 69,000 persons.

Vogelsang Pumps supplied VX136-70Q Rotary Lobe pumps to replace the existing progressive cavity pumps.

Vogelsang Pumps offered the customer a reduction in operational cost and space benefit.

Advantages: VXSeries Pumps

• Compact Design
• Small Footprint
• Self-priming
• Dry-running Resistant
• Extremely Easy to Service and Maintain

Actual Installation image Rotary Lobe Pump