Suppliers of Refrigeration Compressors in Saudi Arabia

3t Saudi is the leader in distribution of refrigeration compressors in Saudi Arabia. Screw compressors packages and reciprocating compressors are applied across industries like ice plants, cold rooms, food processing, milk chilling, water chilling, refineries, chemical & pharma and breweries and bottling.

Our principal partner, KPCL, has decades of experience and boasts reliable performance of more than 28,000 compressors over the world. KPCL is the leader in the manufacture of reciprocating open type refrigeration compressors.

We offer 3 types of refrigeration compressors.

They are:

• Single stage reciprocating compressors

• Two stage reciprocating compressors

• Screw compressor packages

Safety: Built-in arrangements of buffer springs protects the compressor from incidental liquid hammer and ensure its complete safety.

Operating conditions: The quality is adaptable to different operating conditions. Each cylinder comes with a hydraulically operated valve lifting mechanism. This valve-lifting mechanism gives reliable capacity control and 100% unloaded starting.

Easy cleaning: The suction gas strainer is very easy to maintain. There is a gauze strainer inside that can be easily removed, cleaned and put back. The piston or the connecting rod assembly can also be easily removed without touching the cylinder liner – all of which contribute to its ease of maintenance! .

Two filters that are responsible for carrying out the oil purification in the refrigeration compresses are extremely effective and contribute to the long life of the equipment. Another important point to note is that the parts of the equipment that are prone to wear and tear can easily be serviced through large service doors with just minimum tools.

The dynamically-balanced crankshaft ensure a smooth running that is virtually vibration-free.

The consumption of oil is also kept to a minimum due to the three compression rings and the two oil scraper rings per piston. This also helps minimize the oil through the discharge gas line.

At 3t Saudi, we prefer to tie up with partners that take their carbon footprint very seriously and we are pleased to observe that KPCL is one of them! From designing to manufacturing and commissioning of a refrigeration system, only environmentally-friendly processes are applied every step of the way. KPCL also promotes the use of Ammonia as a refrigerant, which is known to be the most eco-friendly refrigerant that has zero global warming potential and zero ozone depletion potential.

We are proud to be associated with KPCL, a brand that has been around for more than 50 years as the leading manufacturer of a vast range of refrigeration compressors, engineered sets, packages and customized refrigeration systems in India. KPCL is a part of the Kirloskar Group, which has the distinction of being known as the largest engineering conglomerate in India in the field of refrigeration, gas & air-compression, fluid handling, prime movers and transmission. We also offer an excellent sales and service network for the proper maintenance of every compressor and refrigeration package purchased at 3t Saudi.