Special Applications

The hardness and wear resistance of carburized steel can be increased by this process. Keeping the cutting tool at –100oC for 15 minutes can also increase the life of cutting tool. In deep drawing process the ductility of metal increases at low temperature. Mercury patterns frozen by refrigeration can be used for precision casting.

Sports like ice hockey ,skating and Curling are played in indoor stadium where water is frozen into ice on the floor. Refrigerant or brine carrying pipes are embedded below the floor, which cools and freezes the water to ice over the floor.

Seawater is desalinated to obtain fresh water. Freeze the seawater. The ice thus formed will be relatively free of salt. The ice can be separated and thawed to obtain fresh water.

Excessive internal heat-up of the green concrete due to the exothermic chemical reaction between cement and water especially in hot climates in construction of dams, tunnels, bridges, and sewage plants etc. has to be avoided in order to prevent cracks and maintain proper strength. During the curing process this heat of hydration raises the temperature of mass, causing an increase of volume. After curing process, the concrete cools down again reducing its volume and thus naturally causing cracks.Therefore, the initial pouring temperature of mass should be lowered so that the maximum temperature during curing process does not exceed a certain temperature determined.