Servo Drives better than anywhere from Rockwell automation

An electronic amplifier used to power electric servomechanisms is referred to as a servo drive. A servo drive constantly adjusts for deviations from expected behavior by monitoring the feedback signal from the servomechanism.

What are Servo Drives?

A servo drive gets a control system command signal, amplifies it, and sends electric current to a servo motor to produce motion proportional to the command signal. The command signal typically represents a desired velocity, but it can also represent a desired torque or position. A sensor attached to the servo motor communicates the motor’s current status to the servo drive. The actual motor status is then compared to the commanded motor status by the servo drive. It then modifies the voltage, frequency, or pulse width applied to the motor to compensate for any deviation from the commanded status.

How does it help in industry?

Servo systems have a variety of applications, including CNC machining, factory automation, and robotics. The addition of motor feedback gives them a significant advantage over traditional DC or AC motors. This feedback can be used to detect unwanted motion or to ensure that the commanded motion is accurate. An encoder of some kind is usually used to provide feedback. In constant speed changing applications, servos have a longer life cycle than typical AC wound motors. Servo motors can also function as brakes by shunting off the electricity generated by the motor itself.

Kinetix 5100 Single-axis Servo Drives from Rockwell distribution

Rockwell Distribution’s Kinetix® 5100 Single-axis Servo Drives, Bulletin 2198, offer a scalable option for servo solutions in a single product. This drive provides a 15kW power range solution for stand-alone, Micro 800, or Logix controlled applications. Kinetix 5100 drives feature standard inputs and outputs, various control modes, as well as Safe Torque Off and dual port EtherNet/IP for various network topologies.

Performance of Rockwell’s Kinetix 5100 Servo Drives

1. Provides a wider power range than comparable solutions (50W…2kW at 120…230V and 3…15kW at 230V)
2. With standard hardwired, it provides safety features without the need for additional parts or wiring. Torque Off Safely (STO)
3. Features There are ten freely assignable digital inputs (two of which can be used as fast input functions) and five freely assignable digital outputs.
4. Provides an indexing function (with 99 segments) that allows for more motion commands than comparable solutions without requiring a control system.
5. For a variety of performance requirements, choose stand-alone, Micro800TM, or Logix control.
6. Auto tuning features aid in the control of system resonance.
7. Allows for on-the-fly control mode changes (for example, from speed to torque).

8. With specially designed AOIs, it integrates easily into Logix applications.

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