Salient Features of Heavy Duty Refrigeration Compressors

Kirloskar’s Heavy Duty refrigeration compressors are ideal for fisheries/meat, fruits/vegetables, milk/ice cream/beverages and breweries, ice plants and chemical/pharmaceutical applications.

3t-Saudi distributes Kirloskar’s refrigeration compressors that are at the heart of the food and beverage processing, preservation and industrial refrigeration industries of Saudi Arabia. KPCL has been manufacturing refrigeration compressors, engineered sets, packages and customised refrigeration systems in India.

Kirloskar refrigeration compressors are backed by decade-rich experience and reliable performance of more than 28,000 compressors throughout the world which in turn, has earned the trust of a loyal network of clientele the world over. This has earned them the title of ‘leader’ in the manufacturing of reciprocating open type refrigeration compressors.

In our previous blog, we have explored the different features of refrigeration compressors. In this blog, we shall talk about the salient features of construction of refrigeration compressors.

Discharge Valve Assembly

Ample gas passage at a low lifting height is assured by three concentric discharge valve rings. Sinusoidal springs with precision machined and lapped surface ensures trouble-free operation for lengths at a stretch. Also, since most of the parts are the same throughout the KC-series compressors, there is less inventory required for spares.

Piston/Connecting Rod Assembly

The 3 compression and 2-oil scrapper rings on each aluminium piston makes sure that there is perfect sealing and also low consumption of oil. In fact, the complete assembly can be removed and given for servicing without even taking out the cylinder liner.

Cylinder Liner and Suction Valve

The cylinder liners are interchangeable and made of fine-grained, centrifugally cast, alloy iron, fine boring and honing results in a mirror smooth running surface.

A hydraulic mechanical suction valve lifting mechanism on each single cylinder helps with loading and unloading.

Welded Steel Crankcase

Good oil condition is ensured by the mechanisms that cause rapid heat dissipation. The fact that it is low in weight, gas tight and impact-proof with very smooth surfaces all further add to good oil condition.

Lubrication System & Filter

The crankshaft drives forced lubrication by a gear pump. The pump basically uses a pressure regulator to give two different pressures for two types of oil systems. The two systems are – lubrication system and control oil system. Outstanding filtering capacity is guaranteed by a metal gauze suction filter element and a paper filter that’s dischargable.

Crankshaft and Main Bearings

Crankshafts are dynamically balanced together with counter weights.

Commitment to the environment

We care about the environment and as a part of Saudi Arabia’s climate – both business and otherwise, we are strict and refuse to compromise when it comes to commitment to our environment.

From the designing and manufacturing to commissioning, Kirloskar ensures that environmently friendly processes are followed. Ammonia is promoted as a refrigerant, which is the most eco-friendly refrigerant that has zero global warming potential.

Kirloskar products are richly backed by great design, a careful curation of components that go into every industrial equipment, utmost safety, proper installation and perfect service.

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