Vogelsang Pumps Sludge with High Dry Matter Content

In Northern Germany wastewater treatment, a sludge tank required a retrofit of a new pump but only limited space was available. It is necessary for the pump to perform multiple tasks including charging the post thickener and the homogenization. Furthermore the pump must convey sludge between the tank and basins as well as pumping sludge into the tanker trucks. A dry matter content up to 8% was assumed

The wastewater treatment plant selected Vogelsang rotary lobe pump VX136-210Q with saddle design, which fits perfect to the limited space, offered the advantage to reverse the pump direction and that was capable of constant delivery rate even for fluids with high dry matter content in other words highly viscous sludge.

Pump Configuration – Key Design Specifications & Advantages Model: VX136-210Q

7.5 kW Belt driven

Capacity: up to 70m3/hour

Differential pressure: up to 2 bar

The VX Series rotary lobe pump extracts the sludge from the center of the sludge tank and pumps it through a pipe DN200 to the mixing nozzle or charges tanker trucks or other destinations. Since the pump direction can easily reverse, the pump can also drain off mobile units or other locations and charge into the sludge tank or e.g. thickener .

In the belt driven pump version, it requires extremely little floor space. In contrast with progressive cavity pumps, the QuickService design allows maintenance and service work to be performed on-site without dismantling the surrounding pipes or even the entire pump. The mechanical face seal is also significantly more reliable than the old gland seal and can be easily tested using quench fluid in the buffer chamber.

They were however most impressed by the great resistance to dry running, which allows for air to be evacuated from pipes that have run empty. Expensive repairs to rotors or stators are now a thing of the past.

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The Wastewater Treatment plant was looking for a pump with a small footprint that was capable of handling highly viscous sludge

A complex design that required the pump to perform multiple tasks.

One of the design parameters was the need for a universal pump with direction of rotation to be reversible

Vogelsang Pumps supplied VX136-210Q Rotary Lobe pumps to replace the existing pumps.

Vogelsang Pumps offered the customer a reduction in operational cost and space benefit.

Advantages: VX Series Pumps

• Compact Design
• Small Foot print
• Reversible Pump Direction
• Self-priming
• Dry-running Resistant
• Extremely Easy to Service and Maintain

Actual Installation Image VX136-210Q Rotary Lobe Pump