Refrigeration Compressors in Food Processing

3t-Saudi is one of the leaders in the distribution of refrigeration compressors in Saudi Arabia. Now, it’s not rocket science to know that the food processing industry would require a heavy supply of reliable, precise and efficient refrigeration for both processing and post-processing environments.

Refrigeration compressors play a huge role in creating and controlling the right temperature in areas where food is produced, product is stored and distribution areas too. Refrigeration compressors also help minimize the risk of spoilage in perishables, and help extend the shelf life of a product.

What is refrigeration?

Refrigeration is a science that deals with the absorption of heat at a temperature from surroundings that are at a lower temperature and rejecting it to a higher temperature using clausius statement of second law of thermodynamics.

Did you know that refrigeration is so much in demand that it actually takes up 20% of the total electricity generated worldwide?

Refrigeration processes

There are many different refrigeration processes that are used in the food processing industry. The main principle behind this preservation of foods is to reduce and maintain the temperature of the food so that the food does not get spoiled.

Pre-cooling : In many cases, pre-cooling is used to slow down the metabolism of the food products so that their life span can be increased. For instance, hydrocooling is used for small fruits, blast-air system is used to cool the surface of meat products and vacuum cooling is used to increase the longevity of green leafy vegetables.

Chilling : Once the food product is pre-cooled, it has to be chilled and stored in a desirable temperature. The temperatures used depend on the kind of product – there are different temperatures required for different products from mangoes to beans!

Freezing : Freezing is when the temperature is lowered below its solidification point. When you freeze a product like a fruit or vegetable, you are slowing down its metabolism, thus enabling it to last longer. The longer a product remains in a frozen state, the longer it can be stored.

Super-cooling and super-chilling : These are processes that are newly being used for storage. Super cooling is when the temperature of a product is lowered to below its freezing point without any ice being formed. Super chilling, on the other hand, is the process of partial freezing of a foodstuff at a temperature that is just below its freezing point.

At 3t-Saudi, we specialize in the distribution of refrigeration compressors that have applications in a vast variety of industries in Saudi Arabia ranging from meat processing and fisheries to dairy plants, cold chains, beverage and ice plants. Our refrigeration compressors have found a space in many of Saudi Arabia’s cold rooms, milk chilling centres, cold chains, bulk chilling centres, ice plants and more. Reach out to us via the contact page of our website for more information.