Process Gas Compressors

Refrigeration systems are essential to process control and environmental management in pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage given the extremely high value of pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates and finished products. Kirloskar refrigeration systems operate with very precise temperature control and very high reliability.

Compressors constitute an important part of the mechanical equipment in oil and gas refineries and petrochemical plants. Compressors are used for different applications in the main and auxiliary process cycles:


* Gas Lift
* Gas Gathering
* Gas Separation
* Gas Condensation – for Recovery, storage & distribution
* Dehumidification
* Solidification of solute
* Removal of heat of reaction
* Heat Recovery
* Fuel Gas
* Transfer & Distribution – CNG / LNG / LPG
* Hydrocracking
* Coal Bed Methane
* FCC & Alkylation
* Flare Gas Recovery
* Contact reforming

The chemical industry is completely dependent on reliable supplies of process gas. But each process is different and requires specialized machines. Gas compressors find their use in many applications like Flue gas desulfurisation, Heat Recovery, etc…


* Flue gas desulfurisation
* Heat Recovery
* Liquification of process gases

The demand for fertilizers is ever-increasing with the growth of the world’s food demand owing to the booming global population. Process gas compressors are of immense value to the nitrogenous fertilizer industry. In recent years, a number of developing countries have had phenomenal growth in natural gas based fertilizer industry like urea and ammonia. Process gas compressors play a major role in many applications of the fertilizer industry.


* Ammonia & Urea production
* Process gas compression