Piston Compressors

3t-Saudi deals with the distribution of high-quality piston compressors in Saudi Arabia, that are the preferred choice by various industries for compressed air and gas applications.

Features of our reciprocating compressors

100% oil-free air

Oil content in the air causes corrosion of tubes, and also leads to the malfunctioning of pneumatic tools. The compressed air from Kirloskar’s reciprocating compressors are free from oil particles and thereby improve the life of pneumatic machines. Oil is isolated to the first compartment of the distance piece through efficient and wear-resistant packing rings.

No foundation needed

Since the compressors do not have high vibration levels, they can easily be placed on skids that are not heavy. The compressors have anti vibration mounts which makes them easily suitable for raised floor installations.

Complete solutions

The plug & play compressors are easy to install and operate and they also come with highly programmable control systems.

Careful testing

All of our compressors undergo proper testing in an advanced metrology lab. The assembled packages too are tested on beds that have been specially designed for testing at variable load settings.


There are dedicated engineering project teams to provide the best solutions for any requirements. Constant improvements in the product ensure the latest offerings for clients.

Constructional features

Efficient plate valves that ensure a large flow area, a special spring protection and of course, high efficiency and a long service life

The anti-vibration mounts require no foundation, can be easily installed and come with skid-mounted compressor packages and specially-designed rubber composite material

Piston and rider rings offer longer duty cycle and an enhanced working life of up to 8000 hours

The integrated design piece is strategically designed with integrated crosshead housing and a distance piece for robust construction

The equipment comes with a touchscreen TFT with PLC that measures 7 inches for remote monitoring, provision for USB data logging and SMS alerts to the user.

Kirloskar’s in-house design and engineering centres analyse every component of the compressor for assured performance. Softwares like ProE, Ansys, HTRI are all used for accurate design and selection of components. The heavy duty test beds that are more than capable of accommodating multiple compressors at a single time are equipped with data monitoring systems to provide real time data that is spot on accurate! This data is then continuously analysed to improve the performance of the compressors.

We are the preferred choice for air compressors in Saudi Arabia. Reach out to us via the contact us page on our website to learn more on how we can help smooth your operations and scale to greater outputs in your business.