Oil Lubricated Electric Screw Compressors

Airends are the heart of screw compressors with asymmetric, helicoidal screw profiles. They are manufactured in-house at our principal partner, Kirloskar Pneumatic’s plant using state of the art rotor cutting machine.


Airends are compact in design with the best rotor lobe combination that gives good volumetric efficiency to produce a high flow rate. Airend has forged rotors which leads to more durability as well as strength.

With regards to the air intake system, airends have guided suction filter that helps in lower pressure drop and lower noise. The two stage filtration also ensures cleaner air almost all the time with an efficiency of 99.95%!

Canopy & base frame

Airends modular metallic canopy is acoustically designed to keep the noise level to a minimum of the package to 78 dBA at a distance of 1 metre. Proper doors help provide easy accessibility to internal components and they can easily be opened even when the compressor is in operation.

Air oil separation system .

A multi-stage operator tank separates the compressed air and lube oil. An efficient air-oil separator element limits the oil carry over to the desired level and there is minimum pressure drop across the separator.

After cooler

The air is cooled in a radiator. The differential pressure monitoring across the cooler enables continuous checking of the performance of the cooler and detection of choking. There is also an auto drain tap to remove water from the system.

Electric motor

The electric motod comes with an efficiency class as per IE2 with protection as per IP55 with class F insulation suitable for site condition.

Control Panel

Thecompressor has a starter cum control panel which is inbuilt in the compressor and is microprocessor based. The display screen has a 3.2 inches graphic LCD display with IP protection. The real time clock will be displayed on the controller and any alarm can be retained up to 2 weeks. Panels have protection against reverse polarity and the starters are Type 2 coordination which means that the contactor/starter will prevent damage to the installation or person in the event of a short circuit.

Remote monitoring

IOT is also an option where remote monitoring of the compressor can be carried out. The user can see the total on/off and alarm-wise population of all the compressors with the last updated data. There is also an individual dashboard where the user can see the latest data with date, time and operating parameters for the respective compressor. This data can also be exported in an excel format.

Energy Saving

We have already spoken about variable frequency drives of VFD in our previous blog. This too comes with an in-built VFD as an option which helps keep power consumption at a minimum, saves energy and money. It has proven to save up to 35% energy by minimising idle time, reducing working pressure, smooth operations, rapid reactions on demand changes, less compressor wear, longer lifetime and no starting current peaks.

We also provide spare parts and maintenance service to all our clients and always recommend the use of original spare parts for industrial equipment.