Maintenance of Reciprocating Air Compressors in Saudi Arabia

We all know that reciprocating air compressors, and almost all the industrial equipment that we distribute at 3t Saudi is made from many intricate parts. It is essential that regular maintenance of these moving parts are carried out regularly so that the air compressors operate at their highest efficiency.

In this article, we are going to be discussing a few tips that will serve as a handy guide for you to checklist if the right maintenance measures are being undertaken for your air compressors in Saudi Arabia.

Keep the air compressor clean

Did you know that the main reason for air compressor failure is something as basic as excess dirt, dust and debris? Watching out for the build-up of dirt/dust and removing it as soon as possible is a must. Just cleaning or vacuuming up the dirty using compressed air is a surefire (and simple!) way, not to mention inexpensive, of ensuring that your compressors won’t give up on you.


When the compressor isn’t properly secured – vibrations tend to happen. When there is continuous vibration, the parts of the compressors tent to loosen which in turn causes the parts to become unaligned. In other cases, it could lead to excessive wear on the bearings and in extreme cases, complete failure of the equipment. If your compressor is tightly secured on a flat surface or if you can use inexpensive vibration pads – it’s all you need to minimise the risk of failure due to vibrations.


If the compressor gets too hot and the operator is not able to regulate the temperature, your best bet would be to turn it down. Temperature spikes happen when crankcase oil level drops too low. Sometimes, even a build-up of dust can increase the temperature level causing the drive motors to overheat.

Oil maintenance

We usually recommend changing the oil on a quarterly basis, but of course, it depends on usage too. We also recommend that the operator monitor the fluid level regularly and add oil when needed. Some compressors come with a low oil-level monitoring device which helps prevent damage even when the compressor is running on low oil levels.

Maintenance checks

Servicing your machine regularly helps ensure years of trouble-free operations. If your machines shut down, then your business gets affected too. Needless to say, regular service will go a long, long way in avoiding major malfunctions, increase the life of your compressors and ensure highest efficiency of operation.

If you require air compressors, refrigeration compressors, process gas compressors or a certain industrial equipment that we offer in Saudi Arabia, please do get in touch with us!