How to choose the right refrigeration compressor

As with any sort of industrial equipment, there are a few pointers to keep in mind that will go a long way in choosing the right refrigeration compressor for your business.

First things first. Compressors are required to operate at more than one condition. A two-stage or even a variable-speed compressor may be ideal for refrigeration applications that have variable load conditions but a single-stage compressor that operates at a 100% capacity is a much better option for light-duty.

High-pressure systems typically require compressors that function at temperatures above 23 degree Fahrenheit and low-pressure systems work with compressors that operate at below -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Medium pressure systems on the other hand, require compressors that can withstand temperatures between -4 degrees Fahrenheit and 23 degree Fahrenheit.

Another point to consider is the capacity of the refrigeration compressor, in accordance with the temperature and pressure levels. Also look at the efficiency of the motor and horse power. In some cases, a compressor with a low horse power will not be right for a particular application even though it may meet the capacity requirements.

Let’s talk about torque. Refrigeration compressors that have a low starting torque should only be used in systems with capillary tubes and pressure equalization. Compressors that start with non-equalized pressure require a motor with a high starting torque. These can be used in systems that incorporate capillary tubes and systems with expansion valves.

There are mainly three types of refrigeration compressors:

Reciprocating compressors: They are suitable for refrigeration applications of up to 100 tons. Depending on system specifications, multiple reciprocating compressors can be used in applications with loads that exceed more than 100 tons.

Rotary compressors can either be vane compressors, scroll compressors or screw compressors. Rotary vane compressors are suited for applications up till 5 tons and scroll compressors are best for 1-30 tons.

Screw compressors on the other hand, can be used in situations where capacities range from anywhere between 20 – 750 tons.

If you’re in the market for a state of the art refrigeration compression system, these are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind before making a selection. And while these are the most important points, the compressor you choose needs to match the specifics of your application so that your operations are both reliable and efficient. And that’s exactly where we come in! Get in touch with us on the contact us page of our website and our team of professionals in Saudi Arabia can connect you with the right refrigeration compressor for the job!