Surface Preparation Critical to Success of Corrosion Protection Plan / Compressed Air Critical for Corrosion Protection

The performance of a corrosion protection coating is significantly influenced by its ability to adhere to the substrate material. The anchoring or the adhesion of the protective coating is impacted by the presence of dust, oil, grease, mill scale, weld slag, loose rust, oxides, feathering and loose paint, other contaminants and loose foreign matter present on the surfaces all or any of which could be detrimental to the coating’s service life. Hence, Surface preparation is generally accepted as the critical success factor to the success of a corrosion protection plan and therefore quintessentially is the first step treatment of the substrate material before application of any coating.

Abrasive blasting, by far has been found to be the most significant cost-effective and efficient method for the thorough cleaning of coatings, mill-scaled and rust from a steel surface. This method involves mechanical cleaning by the continuous impact of abrasive particles at high velocities on to the surface using a jet stream of compressed air. The particle size and type of abrasive media depends on the profiling or extent of roughness specified by the coating system to be used. At the end of the process, compressed air is used to for blowing-off dust and all non-adherent materials. This process of surface preparation not only enables to achieve a high standard of surface cleanliness but is also instrumental in creating a suitable anchor pattern to receive the protective coating.

Apart from the other critical factors that interplay with something as complex as abrasive blasting,such as selection of the media with different properties like strength, hardness, density and shape, it is also a process that requires considerable amount of time in most cases. In-addition to the foregoing continuous availability ofpneumatic power could also get complicated at the best of times.

Abrasive blasting requires reliable and specialized pneumatic power source i.e.,a dependable continuous operation heavy-duty compressor whichcan consistently provideupwards of100 PSI and deliver a considerable volume of compressed air over a longer period of operation without interruptions.

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Oil Injected Electric Screw


  • Pressure: 7.5 kg/cm2 – 13 Kg/cm2
  • Capacity: 85 cfm – 1047 cfm
  • Power: 15 kW – 160 kW
  • Plug and play – Factory Tested, Ready to use Microprocessor based controller
  • Electric Motor: IP55, TEFC, Class F Insulation Safety Integrated Design

Diesel Engine Driven Portable Screw Compressor


  • Pressure: 10.5 Kg/cm2 – 14 Kg/cm2
  • Capacity: 530 cfm – 650 cfm
  • Compact size Microprocessor based controller Hassle Free Maintenance
  • Safety Integrated Design