SPP Pumps providing Water Security – Cheddar Pumping Station

Bristol Water is an over 170 year old Public Limited Company involved in the supply-only of potable drinking water daily to a population of over 1.1 million from 16 water treatment works throughout a geographic area of around 2400 Km2. Upgrading the pumping station at Cheddar Treatment Works was an integral part of the Southern Resilience Scheme, a £27m water infrastructure project that provides water supply to a population of approximately 280,000 people across Bristol Water’s supply area.

One of the key design outlines of the Resilience Scheme was replacement of the existing three sets of pumps serving the zones of Brent Knoll, Draycott and Cheddar Cliffs avoiding the need for a new pumping station building. The key objective for replacing the existing pumps and motors was to improve operational efficiencies during normal operating conditions.

Pump Configuration – Key Design Specifications & Supply

The new pumps were to operate as they did previously in a duty/assist/standby mode with an average duty of 18Ml/d (208l/s) at 60m head when pumping to Brent Knoll reservoirs.

Additionally, these pumps were also to operate as 3 (No.) duty pumps when pumping potable water in resilience mode to achieve the maximum transfer rate of 43Ml/d of at 146m head to a service reservoir located at Barrow WTW 20km away.
The new/replacement pumps were expected to operate at an efficiency of 83% at guaranteed duty point for normal operational pumping to Brent Knoll and at 80% for the maximum resilience pumping duty.

SPP Pumps supplied the pumps and motor. Three sets of identical SPP BS08EL Vertical Split Case, variable speed pumps to operate in duty/assist/standby mode to deliver the specified duty conditions. The Pump Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) demonstrated actual efficiencies of 84.5% and 80% respectively. The selection was based on the stringent WIMES Life Cycle Cost model.


The Cheddar Pumping Station is an integral part of Southern Resilience Scheme, the project improved water supplies for 280,000 homes across North Somerset and South Bristol

Everyday 1.2 million people in the city of Bristol and surrounding areas rely on Bristol Water for fresh drinking water

SPP Pumps supplied vertical split case pumps for the project

SPP Pumps transfer up to 43Ml/d of potable drinking water

SPP Hydrostream offersconsiderable cost & space benefits

The Cheddar Pumping Station is an endorsement of the skills and expertise of SPP Pumps to deliver pumping solutions that delivers outstanding performance creating long lasting pumping solutions for your applications.

Typical Installation Vertical Split case Pump