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The Shard, London is an architecturally striking vertical city accommodating a blend of retail, business offices, hotel rooms, residential apartments, restaurants and a public viewing gallery providing an impressive view of the city. It is acknowledged as the tallest building in Europe, the spectacular skyscraper stands 310 meters tall and was inaugurated on July 05, 2012.

Bristol Water is an over 170 year old Public Limited Company involved in the supply-only of potable drinking water daily to a population of over 1.1 million from 16 water treatment works throughout a geographic area of around 2400 Km2.

Kirloskar Chillers is proud to be part of International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) Project, a joint project of 7 countries being constructed at Cadarche, France.

Kirloskar Chillers Pvt. Ltd. is a Kirloskar Group Company, delivering futuristic solutions in the space of HVAC & R. For decades, Taj Hotels have trusted Kirloskar chillers to deliver their commitment of an unmatched comfort cooling experience for their guests.

The performance of a corrosion protection coating is significantly influenced by its ability to adhere to the substrate material. The anchoring or the adhesion of the protective coating is impacted by the presence of dust, oil, grease, mill scale, weld slag, loose rust, oxides, feathering and loose paint, other contaminants and loose foreign matter present on the surfaces all or any of which could be detrimental to the coating’s service life.

Texas A&M WWTP was unhappy with the progressive cavity pumps used to transport sludge. These pumps required a great deal of space, and maintenance and service was difficult. This meant the entire pump needed removal when performing major repairs. In addition to leaks of gland seals, there was also frequent dry running problems, which required time consuming and expensive repairs to the stator and rotor.

The wastewater treatment plant selected Vogelsang rotary lobe pump VX136-210Q with saddle design, which fits perfect to the limited space, offered the advantage to reverse the pump direction and that was capable of constant delivery rate even for fluids with high dry matter content in other words highly viscous sludge.

3t-Saudi offers you complete solutions for your air compressor requirements. Air compressors are truly the lifeline of the manufacturing industry.At 3t-Saudi, we offer you a wide range of air compressors in 15 different product categories. These are further sub-divided into three major categories – reciprocating compressors, screw compressors and centrifugal compressors.

Did you know that the principle on which the rotating displacement compressor in twin screw form is based on was developed around the 1930s, when a rotating screw compressor with high flow rate and stable flow under different pressure conditions was required.

The main parts of a twin screw are the male and female rotors, which rotate in opposing directions during which the volume and housing between them decreases.

Airends are the heart of screw compressors with asymmetric, helicoidal screw profiles. They are manufactured in-house at our principal partner, Kirloskar Pneumatic’s plant using state of the art rotor cutting machine.

Rotary screw air compressors use rotary-type, circular movement to compress the air. Capable of running continuously – they don’t need to be shut on and off. These are one of the most popular types of compressors in many industries. An industrial rotary screw compressor has a 100% duty cycle.

3t Saudi is the leader in distribution of refrigeration compressors in Saudi Arabia. Screw compressors packages and reciprocating compressors are applied across industries like ice plants, cold rooms, food processing, milk chilling, water chilling, refineries, chemical & pharma and breweries and bottling.

We all know that reciprocating air compressors, and almost all the industrial equipment that we distribute at 3t Saudi is made from many intricate parts. It is essential that regular maintenance of these moving parts are carried out regularly so that the air compressors operate at their highest efficiency.

Kirloskar’s Heavy Duty refrigeration compressors are ideal for fisheries/meat, fruits/vegetables, milk/ice cream/beverages and breweries, ice plants and chemical/pharmaceutical applications.

3t-Saudi deals with the distribution of high-quality piston compressors in Saudi Arabia, that are the preferred choice by various industries for compressed air and gas applications.

3t-Saudi is one of the leaders in the distribution of refrigeration compressors in Saudi Arabia. Now, it’s not rocket science to know that the food processing industry would require a heavy supply of reliable, precise and efficient refrigeration for both processing and post-processing environments.

It’s obvious now more than ever just how big a role sanitation plays in our daily lives. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed us to the harsh realities of just how rapidly infections can spread in unsterile environments.

In our previous blog, we took you through the vital role air compressors have come to play over the past two years, after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. In this blog, we’re going to be talking about its applications in the food and beverage industry.

3t Saudi has successfully commissioned over 1900 gas reciprocating compressor packages and 1000 process cooling systems till date. As one of the pioneers in natural gas compression for over a decade, KPCL is always our first choice and our customers’ preference for gas compression products and services. Their advance engineering and expertise, experience and services has made them stand apart in the market.

Compressor stations are a very important part of the natural gas pipeline network. This is the network that moves natural gas from the production unit to the end user. As the natural gas travels through the pipeline, different factors like distance, friction and elevation slow the movement of the gas and reduce the pressure.

KPCL is a leading name in Industrial Refrigeration, Process Refrigeration and Preservation. They provide turnkey products and solutions with designing, manufacturing, packaging, installation, commissioning, after sales and training.

As with any sort of industrial equipment, there are a few pointers to keep in mind that will go a long way in choosing the right refrigeration compressor for your business.