Automate your processes with Programmable Logic Controllers

A PLC, or Programmable Logic Controller, is a durable computer that is used for industrial automation. These controllers are capable of automating a single process, a machine function, or even an entire production line. The PLC receives data from sensors or input devices, processes it, and prompts outputs based on preset parameters.

A PLC can monitor and record run-time data such as operating temperature or machine productivity, generate alarms during malfunctions, start and stop processes, and much more. Though it depends on the inputs and outputs, PLCs are versatile and has a good control solution that’s tailored by almost any application.

AllenBradley programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and programmable automation controllers (PACs) are suitable for a wide range of applications, from large to small and even micro. We offer various controller types and sizes to meet your specific requirements.

AllenBradley control systems help you meet complex to simple application requirements, from the original programmable logic controller (PLC) invented in the 1970s to the scalable, multi-disciplined, and information-enabled programmable automation controller (PAC).

You can deliver a smart, productive, and secure Integrated Architecture® system in discrete, process, motion, and safety applications by focusing on controllers and I/O and combining them with attachment portfolios. We’ve got your back.

Allen Bradley brings you scalable controllers to match application requirements. Here are the four major types available:

1. Large PLC control systems

2. Process controllers

3. Small PLC control system

4. Micro PLC control system

The support system offered by Allen Bradley

PLC programming is challenging and it needs special attention for how it works for different industries and industry requirements. Typically, a PLC programme is written on a computer and then downloaded to the controller. Most PLC programming software supports Ladder Logic, also known as “C.” The traditional programming language is Ladder Logic. It resembles circuit diagrams, with logic rungs read left to right.

Each rung represents a specific PLC-controlled action, beginning with an input or series of inputs (contacts) and ending with an output (coil). Ladder Logic may be easier to implement than many other programming languages due to its visual nature. “C” programming is a more recent development.

Allen Bradley offers the following solutions and support system to ensure your PLC works at the best for you.

1. I/O Modules
2. Human machine interface
3. Motion control
4. Drives
5. Network security and infrastructure

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