Allen Bradley Drives help simplify machine design & improve system performance

Drives are essential to ensure the right flow of electricity and especially when it comes to its use in the industry, the importance is high marked. There are different types of drives used for various purposes depending on the nature of the appliance and the task.

Allen-Brady brings you PowerFlex drives that are available in AC and DC frequencies and Kinetix servo drives that are designed specially for flexibility. Kinetix servo drives are the right size and feature set for a variety of applications ranging from single axis component drives to multi-axis modular drives. Drives enable productivity and ease of use while working in the industries.

Allen Bradley provide solutions to help you simplify machine design while improving system performance.

Low Voltage AC Drives

PowerFlex control modes, features, options, packaging, global voltages, and power ratings are all available. This adaptable portfolio is intended to keep you connected to your operations and, as a result, improve productivity.

PowerFlex Compact Class AC drives provide a low-cost, general-purpose solution for applications requiring speed control and simple system integration. AC drives in the PowerFlex Architecture Class offer a wide range of features and application-specific parameters. These drives are ideal for applications that require control over speed, torque, and/or position. The three types of low voltage AC drives available are:

Architecture low voltage AC drive

Compact low voltage AC drive

Armor PowerFlex drives

Medium Voltage AC Drives

PowerFlex® Medium Voltage Drives can now bring the performance your application. PowerFlex 7000 AC drive products are intended to meet a wide range of heavy industry needs and configurations ranging from 2.4 to 6.6 kV.

These drives provide synchronous or induction motors with motor currents of up to 720 A. Our PowerFlex 6000 drives are designed for applications requiring variable speed motor control from 2.2…11 kV and motor current up to 680 A. The three types available with Allen Bradley are:

PowerFlex 6000 Medium Voltage AC Drives

PowerFlex 7000 Medium Voltage AC Drives

PowerFlex 7000 Drive System with ArcShield Technology

PowerFlex DC Drives

PowerFlex DC digital drives, PowerFlex DC standalone regulators (SAR), and PowerFlex DC field controllers are all part of PowerFlex® DC drive product line. Allen Bradley’s DC solutions are capable of meeting the requirements of a wide range of demanding applications. They are intended for direct current motor applications and retrofits of up to 6000 Hp / 4000 kW.

Drive Software

The PowerFlex® drive software makes it simple to set up your VFD. Choose the tool that best meets your needs: DriveToolsTM, Connected Component Workbench, and Studio 5000 Logix Designer® software are all recommended for Logix-controlled applications. Each drive configuration tool provides an interface for easy programming, maintenance, and operation of your PowerFlex drive. The three softwares available are:

Studio 5000 logix designer

Design and configuration software

DriveTools SP Software