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Air Compressor

Compressors for almost every application.
The most reliable and the widest range of air compressors.
Pressure: 1Kg/cm2 – 400 Kg/cm2
Capacity: 30 cfm – 10000 cfm
Power: 7 kW – 650 kW

Refrigeration Compressor

30,000 compressors are installed and working in over 40 countries
Suitable for DX or Flooded or Vessels.
Conducive to all refrigerants NH3, R-22, R-134a, R290, R-404 A, R-407C, etc....
Wide range : 5 kW to 1230 kW ,
Capacity : 50 to 500 TR.

Process Gas Compressor

Over 1900 Gas Reciprocating compressor packages &
1000 Process cooling systems Commissioned
Conformance with standards like API, ARI, IS, BS, ASHRAE, ASME, OSHA, NACE & TEMA etc. Suitable for: CO2 (dry & wet), Crude Gas, Natural Gas, LPG, Ammonia, Bone Dry Nitrogen, Dry Cracked Ammonia, Propane, Methane, etc.,
Working Pressure: upto 400 Kg/cm2g
Capacity: 11,000 m3/hr
Power: upto 1200 hp


3000 + chillers installed – more than 500,000 TR
Widest Range: 50TR – 2400 TR
Comprehensive solution for all HVAC & Process Cooling Needs Widest range of Centrifugal and Screw chillers (air & water cooled) - AHRI Certified

SPP Industrial Pumps

SPP Pumps, a group company of Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL), a leading global fluid management. For more than 130 years SPP Pumps have been a leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and systems.
Water supply
Water/wastewater treatment
Industrial Process
Fire protection

Kirloskar Brothers Limited Industrial Pumps

Kirloskar Established in 1888 and incorporated in 1920, Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is the flagship company of the $2.1 billion Kirloskar group.
End Suction Pump
Mixed Flow Non-clog Pumps
Solids Handling Non-clog Pumps
Horizontal Split Case Pump
Multistage Pumps
Fire Fighting Pumps
Vertical Turbine Pumps
Process Pumps

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